These things have changed..

Physical Distancing

All members and staff must maintain 1.5m distancing at all times

The equipment has been arranged in line with distancing requirements

Social distancing tape has been applied to any shared floor spaces to advise of distancing requirements

The 20-person capacity limit will be removed from 12pm, July 3

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Extra sanitising stations have been installed at both ends of the gym & at the gym entrance

Increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces

Showers and water bubbler will become available 12pm, July 3

All members must wipe down equipment before AND after use with provided wipes & use a towel

All staff and members must sanitise on entry and exit of the facility

Extended Staffed Hours

We have extended our Staffed Hours so that our incredible Member Services Team can monitor the facility and help you with any queries you may have in the transition to our new 'normal'.

Members will be able to access the gym 24hrs a day, 7 days a week from 12pm Friday 3 July.

..but these things will always stay the same!

Excellent Member Service

At 24fit we are known for our personal and superior member service. We know our member's names, we will always greet you with a smile, and any requests or suggestions for our clubs are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Please email Manager Laura directly at [email protected] if you have any questions about your existing membership, COVID-19 restrictions or if you wish to join our amazing club!

Our Supportive Member Community

Being a small, family-owned & community-minded business, every person who walks in our doors forms an integral part of our 24fit family. Many members who have joined 24fit not knowing anyone have now formed life-long friendships in our clubs, and we love watching how much support you all give each other in all aspects of life. Want to experience the 24fit difference? Try us for FREE for 7 days here!

Quality, Well-Maintained Equipment

Our world-class range of equipment is cleaned daily and maintained regularly. Our close relationship with our maintenance staff mean that any issues can be dealt with swiftly, meaning you never have to worry about out-of-order equipment ever again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be safe to come back to the gym and workout?
Absolutely, we have adhered to all Government guidelines and have dramatically increased our cleaning and sanitisation protocols. We have separated or closed gym equipment to ensure effective social distancing, increased personal cleaning stations, and access to hand sanitiser, and increased our in-club cleaning.

Is 24fit going to be following cleaning and social distancing guidelines?
24fit has implemented all cleaning and social distancing guidelines as per government recommendations. We have also invested in Mandatory staff training on Cleaning best practices for all of our team.

When am I getting billed?
24fit billing commences the day our doors open. If you are usually billed fortnightly on a Thursday, that is unchanged. You will be notified of your first billing date in upcoming notifications from Club Management.

Is my membership still on freeze?
ALL 24fit active memberships were placed on freeze free-of-charge at the commencement of our club's lockdown. All memberships will be become active on the day that we re-open unless otherwise organised with our team. Please email [email protected] if you wish to extend the freeze on your membership until you wish to return.

I cancelled my membership just before you closed, do I need to pay a joining fee if I want to re-join?
Firstly, welcome back! Please contact your local club by phone or email to speak about your options and to book an appointment to get your journey started again.

Can I continue to stay on freeze until I feel ready to come back?
Yes, please contact our Area Manager Laura via email ([email protected]) if you need to stay on hold.

Do I need to bring my own gym towel, or will one be supplied?
Our existing hygiene rules still remain. You will need to bring your own full-sized towel in order to train at 24fit.

Thank you so much for your compassion and support during this time. As small business owners, it means the world to us that you continue to be a part of our fitness family!

  • Your 24fit Team