159 Hamilton Road
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Monday: 12-6.30pm
Tuesday: 6.30-9.30am & 12-6.30pm
Wed & Thurs: 12-6.30pm
Fri & Sat: 8-11am
Sunday & Public Holidays: UNSTAFFED


Our staff can also be contacted by phone during staffed hours.

Laura Benn - Area Manager

[email protected]

Laura is a mixed bag of talents that has led her from working as a qualified Electrical Engineer all the way to her new career as a Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist (alongside her managerial role at 24fit). She also works with the Brisbane Broncos, more recently running the nutrition programme for their 2 x NRLW Premiership-winning women's team!
Starting out at 24fit in 2015 as a Club Manager, Laura is renowned for instilling a fantastic community atmosphere and yearn for fun throughout her clubs and her members. Laura has an open-door policy for all communications for all members and staff – if you have any queries, concerns and/or feedback about anything 24fit please do not hesitate to contact her!

Scott Conley - Personal Trainer

0431 371 883
[email protected]

Knowledge built over the past 25 years playing nitty gritty grass roots sports to the mindset and physical challenges playing at the highest level of Beach Volleyball on the National Tour. Having the experience of playing for and training under world class coaches has given me great insight on how we can manage the challenges we face every day.

If you are looking for a wannabe Instafamous trainer, who is NOT dedicated to you or their craft, then don’t pick me. I am 100% dedicated to you, if you are 100% dedicated to me, I can guarantee you will improve your quantity of life to levels you never thought possible. I will not help you just reach your goals, but crush them. It is my belief that everybody is capable of way more than they think. You just need a ‘WHY’ and have the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

You joined the gym for a reason. So I’ll leave you with one question – “Are you reaching the goals you set out to do when you joined?” If you answered ‘YES’ “WELL DONE”, keep doing what you’re doing. If you answered ‘NO’ and you’re ready to step up to the plate, take the bull by the horns, take action and crush the goals you set out to do. When you’re ready to give it your all, when you need that motivation or accountability and that bit of extra knowledge tap me on the shoulder, give me a call or shoot me an email.